Defining status monitoring rule definitions

A status monitoring rule is used to monitor business documents that stay in a particular status for a set amount of time. When the configured time is reached the actions you define in the status monitoring rule definition work area are performed.

About this task

Note: The following instructions help you to set up status monitoring rule definition for order monitor. However, this is not supported for enhanced order monitoring.

To set up status monitoring rule definitions:


  1. Open the Applications Manager and select the application that you want.
  2. In the Process Modeling window, select the Order, Load, or General tab to view the corresponding process modeling tree for that base document type.
  3. In the Process Types swimlane, right-click on the applicable process type and choose Model Process. The Repository Details window and work area display for the corresponding process type.
  4. Expand the Statuses branch.
  5. Choose the Statuses Tab.
  6. Double click the applicable Status. The Status Details window displays in the work area.
  7. Right-click in the work area and select Actions > Add Monitor Node. A monitor node displays in the work area.
  8. Drag the applicable actions and conditions into the work area and connect them as per the rules detailed in this section.
  9. Connect the status monitor node to the applicable actions. The hours that a document stays in the status before the action is raised displays on the connecting line. To change the time, right-click on the time, choose Change, and enter the new time.
    Note: Do not set up more than one action for the same monitoring age.
  10. Choose the Save icon.
    Note: For the following process types, status monitoring rules cannot be added, and the Status Monitor Rule Definition tab is therefore disabled:
    • Count Execution
    • General
    • Load Execution
    • Manifesting
    • Move Request Execution
    • Outbound Picking
    • Outbound Shipment
    • Over Pack Build
    • Pack Process
    • Purchase Order Receipt
    • Return Receipt
    • Task Execution
    • Trailer Loading
    • Transfer Order Receipt
    • VAS Process
    • WMS Layout Definition
    • WMS Putaway
    • WMS Inventory