Customize the IBM Sterling Business Center home page dashboard

You can configure your dashboard to display only those dashlets that you want to see most often. You can select the dashlets that you want displayed in the Dashboard panel. Based on your implementation, you can select the layout that you want to use for the Dashboard panel.

About this task

The changes that you make to the dashboard are saved, and the dashlets that you select are displayed every time you log in. For example, if you no longer want the Recently Modified dashlet to be displayed on your dashboard, you can click the Remove icon. The changes will be saved automatically, and the dashlet will not be displayed on the home page.

You can perform the following tasks to configure your dashboard:

  • Change the Dashboard Layout
  • Change the Order of Dashlets
  • Add a Dashlet
  • Remove a Dashlet

After making changes to the dashboard, if you want to revert back to the default settings, click the Reset Dashboard hyperlink. A message asking you for confirmation is displayed. Click Yes.