Next-generation platform

Uploading customization on the next-generation platform

Users with the Developer role can upload customization in the Self Service tool and then use it for deployment.

About this task

You can use the downloaded developer toolkit to build your customization JAR file and then upload them in the Self Service tool. When you upload the JAR file, the file is scanned and only if the scan is successful, the file is uploaded in the Self Service tool. You can upload a file up to 1 GB. The file scan status is available in the upload customization log. For more information, see Viewing logs for uploading customization.


  1. Access the Self Service tool with your IBMid.
  2. From the Self Serve menu, select Environments.

    The Environments dashboard is displayed.

  3. From the list of environments, select an environment.
  4. In the Customizations tab, click Packages.
  5. Click Upload, select the customization extension JAR file, and then click Submit.

    After the customization file is uploaded, the Self Service tool checks for the meta data of the customization package and lists down the type of the customization package (OMS or Call Center) under the Product column.