Sourcing audit

To have an effective sourcing and scheduling configuration setup, sourcing audit can be done to ensure that all nodes are utilized optimally for an inflow of orders..

The sourcing and scheduling rules enable you to identify the best sourcing location to source products belonging to an order, such that they can be shipped at the appropriate time. By using sourcing audit, you can analyze the effectiveness of sourcing and scheduling configuration setup. Sourcing audit provides you an insight into various aspects of sourcing and scheduling process. It helps to identify the exact reasons behind selection and exclusion of sourcing locations, which in turn helps in getting a more effective sourcing and scheduling configuration setup.

As part of the sourcing audit functionality, the data that affects the selection and exclusion of a location during the sourcing and scheduling process is captured during each decision-making step. You can review these audit report to analyze the effectiveness of sourcing and scheduling configuration setup. You can reconfigure the setup to improve the sourcing and scheduling rules by analyzing the audit trail used by the application, thereby iteratively enhancing the business outcomes of an efficient sourcing rule engine.
  • The sourcing audit functionality is intended to be used primarily as a diagnostic tool for effectively tuning and resetting sourcing rules to reflect the changing business priorities. Users of this feature should be cognizant of the extra processing associated with the diagnostic mode, and its impact on response time and system usage footprint.

  • It is recommended that you enable the sourcing audit functionality only in the preproduction, development, and QA environments to analyze the effectiveness of sourcing and scheduling configurations.
  • Currently, the sourcing audit functionality is only available for the scheduleOrder transaction. Additionally, only product order lines are supported for the sourcing audit capture at present. The data regarding service line is not captured.

What to do next
Enable sourcing audit functionality by configuring yfs properties. For more information, see Enabling sourcing audit.