Calling Create APIs

Access Create APIs with POST HTTP requests. Create APIs insert new resource entries into the database.

REST Create requests use the following types of APIs depending on the Name of the resource that is specified:

  • manageName (with Operation=Create)
  • manageNameHierarchy (with Operation=Create)
  • createName
  • createNameHierarchy

For example, Create requests for orders use createOrder, and Create requests for organizations use manageOrganizationHierarchy. To see the complete list of resources and APIs, view the REST Javadoc files.

Request format

Use the following HTTP request format to call Create APIs:

POST https://host:port/contextRoot/restapi/Name

Name is the type of resource you want to create.

The following example shows a Create request for an order:
POST https://host:port/contextRoot/restapi/order


You can use the "manage" APIs to update a resource if it exists or create the resource if it does not exist in a single Create-Or-Modify request. To Create-Or-Modify through REST, submit a PATCH to the Name of the resource collection and pass a document that describes the resource in the request body.
PATCH https://host:port/contextRoot/restapi/Name
The Create-Or-Modify feature is only compatible with resource types that use "manage" APIs. For example, items use manageItem, and organizations use manageOrganizationHierarchy, so you are able to Create-Or-Modify items and organizations with PATCH. Refer to the Javadoc files to see whether a resource type uses "manage" APIs.