Legacy platform

Accessing the drop server

To access the drop server for adding or retrieving files, you must have the necessary permissions and login credentials to access the files and directories on the Drop server.

You can request access and connection information for the server through a service request ticket. As part of the implementation process for setting up your IBM® Sterling Order Management System service, IBM provides the following credentials and configuration information that you need to access this site.

  • The user or client ID that you need to access the server.
  • The IP address and port number of the drop server.
  • The parent directory where you need to deploy your files. By default, this directory is /home/$CLIENT, where $CLIENT is the name of the specific directory for your company client ID. You must include your deployable packages within the appropriate subdirectory in your $CLIENT directory.
As part of your onboarding process, you must generate public and private keys for use in accessing your environments and servers. Provide your public key to IBM. The key is installed on the server within your home directory.
Here, ClientID refers to three characters unique identifier code that is provided by IBM.