Modifying an entity XML

If it becomes necessary, you can modify an existing entity XML.


  1. Edit the required Entity XML to include the attribute CaseInsensitiveSearch under the <Attributes> tag, for required columns.
    For example,
    <Entity Description="This table stores all the exceptions raised 
       by the system." 
       EntityType="TRANSACTION" Extensible="Y" Module="ycp" 
       Name="Inbox" Prefix="YFS_" TableName="YFS_INBOX"  XMLName="Inbox"> 
        <Attribute ColumnName="EXCEPTION_TYPE" 
         DataType="Text-40" DefaultValue="' ' " 
         Description="The type of exception." 
         Name="Exception_Type" Nullable="false"
         XMLName="ExceptionType" CaseInsensitiveSearch ="Y"  
          <Index Name="EXCEPTION_TYPE_I1"> 
              <Column Name="ExceptionType_LC"/> 
  2. Include the ShadowColumnName attribute and specify a name for the shadow column, as shown in the example in Step 1.