Creating a region schema

You can create a region schema.

About this task

To create a region schema:

Note: Region schemas should be created from the top down. For example, if your region schema consists of country, state, and city regions, you need to create the country region first, then states, followed by cities.


  1. From the tree in the application rules side panel, choose Region Definition > Region Schemas. The Region Schemas window displays in the work area.
  2. Choose the Create New icon. The Region Schema Details window displays.
  3. Enter information in the applicable fields. Refer to the following table for field value descriptions.
  4. Choose the Save icon.
    Table 1. Region schema details window.

    Region schema details field value descriptions

    Field Description
    Region Schema Name Enter the name of the region schema.
    Country/Region Select the country or region in which the region schema is located (can be the whole country or region, a territory in the country or region, and so forth). This field is optional and is only used for defaulting a country or region when entering postal code ranges when defining an individual region.
    Description Enter a brief description of the region schema.
    Regions A graphical representation of the region hierarchy.