Scheduling options and sub-options

This topic provides comprehensive information about scheduling options provided by the application.

For each of the scheduling options, you can further choose one of the sub-options and enter an appropriate value in the corresponding field. However, when advanced scheduling is enabled for the first time for an agent criteria, a default sub-option is chosen for each option. The default schedule triggers the agent once every hour.

  • Minutes of the hour
    • Every minute of the hour (*)
    • Every N minutes of the hour (N to be specified, between 1-60)
    • Starting minute of the hour (Default, 0, for once-an-hour scheduling)
    • Custom minutes of the hour (to be specified)
  • Hours of the Day
    • Every hour of the day (Default, *)
    • Every N hours of the day (N will have to be specified between 1-24)
    • Starting hour of the day (0 – For once-a-day scheduling)
    • Custom hours of the day (to be specified)
  • Days of the Month
    • Every day of the month (Default, *)
    • Every N days of the month (N will have to be specified between 1-31)
    • Invalid (If days of the week is chosen)
    • Custom days of the month (to be specified)
  • Months of the Year
    • Every month of the year (Default, *)
    • Every N months of the year (N will have to be specified between (1-12)
    • Custom months of the year (to be specified). Three-character abbreviations of months are supported. For example, JUN, JAN, and so on.
  • Days of the Week
    • Every day of the week
    • Every N days of the week (N will have to be specified between 1-7)
    • Invalid (If days of the month is chosen, Default)
    • Custom days of the week (to be specified). Three-character abbreviations of days are supported. For example, MON, FRI, and so on.
Using the scheduling options and sub-options, complex schedules can be set up to trigger agents. The UI evaluates the input to a cron-expression. This expression is validated on the UI itself using Quartz library, so that invalid data is not entered for any criteria. However, if an invalid expression is entered, an appropriate error message is displayed on the screen prompting the user to enter the correct value for the field.