Defining address questions

You can define address questions.

About this task

To define address questions:


  1. From the tree in the application rules side panel, choose Cross Application > Service Execution > Questions.

The Questions window displays in the work area. By default, the Address Questions tab is displayed.

  1. Questions can be defined from the root level, a question group, or an answer option. If a question derives from an answer option, in the console it appears on the questionnaire only when the corresponding answer option has been selected. Follow-up questions cannot be added to answer options for other follow-up questions, however several follow-up questions can be added to the same answer option for a question. Furthermore, follow-up questions can only be defined off of the ‘Yes' Answer Option from a checkbox, or Answer Options whose display control type is Dropdown or Radio Button.

    Select the desired location for the question and choose the Create New icon. The Question Details pop-up window displays. Refer to the following table for field value descriptions.

    Table 1. Question details
    Question ID Enter the question identifier.
    Question Text Enter the question text as you want the question to appear in the UI.
    Data Type Select the data type for the answers. The data type you select governs the possible display control type options:

    Text - Textbox, Text Area, Dropdown, Radio Button

    Integer - Textbox

    Decimal - Textbox

    Boolean - Checkbox

    Display Control Type Select how you want the answer options to appear in the UI. The Display Control Types available depend on the Data Type you have selected.
    Answer Options - the following fields appear when you have chosen Dropdown or Radio Button as the desired display control type.
    Value Enter the value for the answer option.
    Display Text Enter the answer option text as you want the answer to appear in the UI.
  2. Enter information in the applicable fields.
  3. Choose the Save icon.