Dynamic charge transaction request (CTR) distribution

Dynamic CTR distribution provides customers with intelligent control of authorizations, multiple invoices, and multiple payments.

This functionality is achieved through a dynamic mapping of the relationships among all payment-related entities: authorizations, charges, refunds, charge transaction requests, and invoices. Collectively, by analyzing the state of these entities, the system can generate a mapping optimized for the current order state. It can also manage changes that occur between the first creation of a charge transaction request and the subsequent creation of related invoices, optimizing the use of authorizations according to changing scenarios. Use the following options to configure dynamic CTR distribution:

  • Only Authorize Charge Transaction Request Total, which is accessible from the Payment Rule Details window, creates authorizations only for charge transaction requests. If this option is enabled and there are no charge transaction requests, the system does not authorize the order. If not selected, the system authorizes the order total.
  • Do Not Consolidate Settlement Or Refund Requests Across Invoices, which is accessible from the Financial Rules window, allows authorizations to be mapped dynamically to charge transaction requests and invoices. If this option is enabled, separate settlement requests are created for each invoice.
Note: The dynamic CTR distribution is not supported with consolidation of charges.
Note: To eliminate any possible confusion, IBM® recommends setting up an entirely new payment rule if you want to configure the dynamic CTR distribution options.