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Applying minor updates through IBM UrbanCode Deploy tool

To apply the minor updates to your runtime, you must run the Build Customized Runtime IBM® UrbanCode® Deploy process. This process downloads the latest base image from the central repository and builds a customized runtime. The base image contains all the minor updates that are released until date. For more information, see Building a deployable customized runtime component version. When you run this process, it applies the latest minor update to the runtime.


To update an environment with the latest minor update, complete the following steps.

  1. Access the IBM UrbanCode Deploy Selfserv tool dashboard.
  2. From the Dashboard tab, click the Applications tab.
  3. Select the Order Management application and click the Environments tab for that application.
  4. Click the Request Process icon.
  5. In the Run Process page, select the Build Customized Runtime process.
  6. Set the required parameters and click Submit.
  7. Update the application. For more information, see Deploying a customized runtime with the UCD tool.
  8. To find the version of the minor update that is installed in an environment, use the Fetch Install & Version Info process. For more information, see Retrieving installation and version information for Sterling Order Management System. For example, for 18.1 Minor update 4, you see the version as 18.1.4-