Setting up order orchestration

You can set up order orchestration using installService script.

Before you begin

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  • Set up the Order Management Cloud Service runtime sandbox. Learn more...

About this task

The order orchestration package must be installed for an Enterprise organization.


  1. Run the installService script on the order orchestration JAR file by running the following command from the <OMS_Runtime>/bin folder. The order orchestration JAR file is located in the <OMS_Runtime>/orderorchestration directory.

    ./ <OMS_Runtime>/orderorchestration/orderorchestration.jar

    The order orchestration script installs the order orchestration related configurations such as pipeline, transactions, services and resources such as properties and templates. The script also installs sample ODM rules and sample UI extensions.
  2. To ensure there are no errors or conflicts due to activator, run the following command from the <OMS_Runtime>/bin directory:
    ./ -f integration_load_defaults.xml -DFunctionality=ORCH -DEnterpriseCode=<value> validate
  3. To install the factory setup for the order orchestration activator, run the following command from the <OMS_Runtime>/bin folder.

    ./ -f integration_load_defaults.xml -DFunctionality=ORCH -DEnterpriseCode=<value> activator

  4. Load the order orchestration properties into the database. For more information, see Loading properties to the database.

What to do next