Configurations provided by BOPIS deployment accelerator

Following configurations supporting BOPIS functionality are preconfigured by the BOPIS deployment accelerator.

  • Data Transport Node Configurations - Load store composite service for creating store organizations for an Enterprise.
  • Process Modeling Configurations
    • New Sales Order and Outbound Shipment pipelines are provided that are simplified for BOPIS flow. A pipeline determination rule is configured for an Enterprise to use the new BOPIS Sales Order and BOPIS Store Shipment pipelines.
    • Agent criteria configurations for running agents.
    • Shipment monitoring rules are configured to send notification to customer in case of delayed pickup.
    • Configuration for allowing modification of order for cancellation are enabled for BOPIS flow.
  • Distributed Order Management Configurations - Configurations for sending notifications when Backroom Pick for order is complete , or when Order is ready for pick-up or when Order has been picked up.
  • Global Inventory Visibility Configurations - Configuration setup for running RTAM in Full Synch and Activity Based mode. Additionally, Inventory Monitor configuration for publishing inventory availability to order capture system using service definition framework.
  • User Security Configurations - Configuration of BOPIS related user groups that have permissions for selected tasks needed for a BOPIS flow.