Order orchestration: pipeline

Order Orchestration pipeline is used for orders of type ‘CustomerOrder’ as well as for all types of decomposed orders such as ResourceOrder, ServiceOrder, or ProductOrder.

Note: To use this pipeline, an Enterprise must configure its own pipeline determination rule.

A customer order or a decomposed order that is created using the Order Orchestration pipeline is initially in the ‘Created’ status. After customer order validation is done, and if it is successful, the order status is changed to ‘In Progress’. If the customer order validation fails, the order status is changed to ‘Suspended (Awaiting Validation)’.

After a decomposed order is created and build plan dependencies are defined for them, the execution process begins through triggering of an integration server. When a decomposed order is eligible to be executed, its status is changed to ‘Ready For Fulfillment’. Once the order fulfillment system has completed execution of the decomposed order, the order status is changed to ‘Completed’.

If the decomposed order needs to be held for evaluation, its status is changed to ‘Suspended’ so that it can be again moved to ‘Ready For Fulfillment’ status once validation succeeds. When all the decomposed orders have been moved to the ‘Completed’ status, the customer order can then be moved to ‘Completed’ status as well.

The ‘Aborted’ status is provided so that the application can terminate processing an order, if needed due to some business process. Purge transaction can pickup the orders with status as Completed or Aborted, provided other conditions apply for eligibility of purge, such as a valid payment status.

The following statuses may be used in an Order Orchestration pipeline, depending how it is configured within your system:

  • Aborted - The order processing has been terminated due to some business process.
  • Created - The order has been created.
  • Completed - The order has been completed.
  • In Progress - The order processing is in progress.
  • Ready For Fulfillment - The order has been validated and is ready for fulfillment.
  • Suspended - The order has been suspended or canceled due to some business reason.
  • Suspended (Awaiting Validation) - The order processing has been suspend because order validation process failed.
The Pipeline Detail window displaying a Sales Order Orchestration pipeline