What's new in the platform

To meet your business needs, IBM® Sterling Order Management introduces important new features and enhancements.

For a list of resolved issues in Sterling Order Management, see Resolved issues.

5 May 2023 (

Enhancement to fix the infinite loop exception
Sterling Order Management is enhanced to remain unblocked for performing certain operations when infinite loop detected exception is thrown. You can now successfully view the order in Order Hub or Application Console, cancel the order, and hold the order by using the changeOrder API when infinite loop detected exception is thrown. This enhancement also allows you to automatically hold the order when the same exception is thrown.
The following properties are added to resolve the infinite loop exception:
  • yfs.payment.infiniteLoop.paymentHoldType
  • yfs.payment.infiniteLoop.allowViewingOfOrder

7 April 2023 (

Enhancements for publishing refund and settlement details

All settlement and refund payment transactions are now mapped with order events, even when invoices do not exist. Comprehensive payment audit information for mapping order events and payment transactions is logged in the payment audit database tables.

For more information, see Publishing settlement and refund details.

3 March 2023 (

Configuration Deployment Tool (CDT) enhancements

Environment-specific values can now be deployed or ignored in tables such as PLT_PROPERTY or YFS_COMMON_CODE and are not overridden when CDT is deployed from source to target.

For more information, see Deploying and ignoring selective records while using CDT.

Upgrade impact: No.
New utility to call Sterling Inventory Visibility API in integrated environment
A new utility service is created to integrate with Sterling Inventory Visibility outside of Order Management Software - Sterling Inventory Visibility adapter. For more information, see Calling Sterling Inventory Visibility API in integrated environment.
Upgrade impact: No.
Database Query tool enhancements

Enhancements in the Database Query tool to tune HADR timeout and the error message that is displayed when the HADR database is down.

Upgrade impact: No.
Enhancements for property management

Support is provided for orphan custom property record deletion from the manageProperty API even when metadata does not exist.

Upgrade impact: No.
Performance enhancements for real-time dashboards

Performance is enhanced for data-tier that is used for Order Hub metrics and the Store Manager dashboard.

Upgrade impact: No.
Logging enhancements
  • Default Gzip compression of logs that are rolled over by RollingFileAppender.
    Upgrade impact: Yes.

    Rolled over log files were earlier not compressed but are now compressed by using Gzip compression.

  • Cache Drop WARN messages are now unavailable. They would now be added as records in statistics table.
    Upgrade impact: Yes.

    Cache Drop WARN messages are not visible in logs but are available in statistics table.

  • Create traces with WARN and INFO trace levels in certain scenarios. Call the getTraceLevels API to verify.
    Upgrade impact: No.
  • Default Template not found WARN messages are logged as DEBUG.
    Upgrade impact: Yes.

    ‘Default Template not found’ WARN messages might be displayed when API does not have the default template. Now, these messages logged as DEBUG.

Third-party library upgrades

Some third-party libraries are upgraded to mitigate high and critical vulnerabilities. If you need any further information about these upgrades, contact IBM product support.

Upgrade impact: No.
Stack upgrades
  • IBM JDK - (1.8.0_351)
  • Db2 - 11.5.8
Upgrade impact: No.
Documentation updates
The major updates schedule, the minor updates schedule, and the resolved issues in the Sterling Order Management are now in the Sterling Order Management documentation site.