Adding disposition codes

You can add disposition codes needed to receive a transfer order.


  1. Perform the following steps to view Transfer Order menu:
    1. Log in to Sterling Business Center as a system administrator.
    2. From the Organization menu, select the organization for which you want to apply the rules.
    3. Click System Setup. The System Setup home page opens.
    4. Expand the Transfer Order menu.
  2. Click Disposition Codes. The Transfer Order Disposition page opens.
  3. Click Add. The Add window opens.
  4. Enter the Disposition Code.
  5. Enter the Description.
  6. Select the Product Class from the menu, if applicable.
  7. Select the Damaged check-box, if this disposition code is used for damaged products in the transfer order.
  8. Select the Final Disposition check-box, if this disposition is the final disposition and cannot be modified after the store associate selects it.
  9. Click Save.