Cross-channel orders

Sterling Order Management System supports cross-channel orders through the configuration of order entry types.

The EntryType field on the order determines whether or not the order supports these conditions:
  • The Cash and Carry delivery method is allowed on order lines
  • Address verification is allowed on the order
To define an order entry type, configure these attributes:
  • Allow Cash and Carry Lines - If enabled, orders can include order lines with the Cash and Carry delivery method.
  • Allow Orders Without Address - If enabled, address verification does not occur on the order when all the order lines are Cash and Carry order lines. If the order contains order lines that are not Cash and Carry, address verification occurs on the order. If disabled, anytime an order line is added to an order that is not a Cash and Carry order line, address validation occurs on the order.

Example: configuring an order entry type for cross-channel orders

You can configure an order entry type that supports cross-channel orders. For example, to allow cross-channel orders with order lines for stores and call centers, you can define an order entry type, Call Center, with the following attributes:
  • Allow Cash and Carry Lines - enabled
  • Allow Orders Without Address - disabled

In this example, the Call Center order entry type supports scenarios where a customer orders an item through the customer call center, picks up the item in a store, and then picks up another item in the store. Address verification occurs on the call center item but not on the item purchased in the store.

Cash and carry delivery method

Sterling Order Management System provides the Cash and Carry delivery method for point-of-sale systems. This delivery method is typically defined for order lines that are fulfilled from a store and require no further processing. When the Cash and Carry delivery method is specified on an order line, the following occurs:
  • No additional fulfillment processing is needed on Cash and Carry order lines because the order lines have already been processed and the inventory is moved out from the store/node. For this reason, fulfillment APIs do not support the Cash and Carry delivery method. For example, the getfulfillmentOptionforLines API does not support Cash and Carry.
  • Cash and Carry order lines are ignored when an order is scheduled or released. If multiple delivery methods are specified on the order, only the delivery methods listed below are considered during promising:
    • Delivery
    • Shipping
    • Pickup