Configuring Distributed Order Management

Distributed Order Management enables you to manage the lifecycle of sales orders by developing the best fulfillment options available, while maintaining fulfillment flexibility.

The Distributed Order Management module provides highly configurable order management capabilities for all types of customer orders (products and services). It involves managing, monitoring, and configuring orders all the way through fulfillment. Managers and customer service representatives can view order information in real-time to handle alerts and correct problems, ensuring on-time execution of orders. A single order repository gives customers, channels, suppliers, and trading partners access to modify, cancel, track, and monitor the order lifecycle in real-time. Flexible fulfillment gives you the capability to check for inventory availability, provide rule-based dynamic allocation, enable transfers when a required item is out-of-stock, select locations based on inventory availability, split orders as needed, and to source or drop-ship from a channel partner.