Creating a menu item

You can create a menu item.

About this task

To create a menu item:


  1. Open the Applications Manager and select the application.
    1. From the tree in the application rules side panel, choose Presentation > Menu. The Menu Hierarchy window displays in the work area.
  2. Expand the applicable menu group branch.
  3. Expand the applicable application menu.
  4. Choose the Create New icon. The Menu Item Details pop-up window displays.
  5. Enter information in the applicable fields. Refer to the Menu Item Details Pop-Up Window table for field value descriptions.
  6. Choose the Save icon.
    Table 1. Menu item details pop-up window.

    Menu item details field value descriptions

    Control Description
    Menu ID Enter a value identifier for this menu option.
    Description Enter a value to correlate with the on-screen literals stored in the resource bundles.
    Icon Enter a relative path to any images associated with the menu item. The image is picked up from an image .jar file, so specify these images as follows:
    • The default icons are located in the <INSTALL_DIR>/jar/<install_dir_name>/<version>/scfoundationiconsbe.jar file. Inside the .jar file, many of the icons are located in the <INSTALL_DIR>/repository/eardata/smcfs/war/console/icons directory.

    The image is shown before the text in the UI.

    Menu Sequence Enter the menu sequence of the menu item. The sequence number is used to order the way menus appear at one level. By changing the menu sequence, you can switch the order.
    Resource ID Enter the resource ID of the menu item.

    When a menu is tagged to an entity's resource ID in by default it means that when the user clicks on that menu on the screen it takes you to the first Search view available under that entity in the Resource Hierarchy tree.

    The resource ID contains details about the screen that needs to be invoked when the menu item is selected. The results on the search window for this field shows all resources that are either detail view resources or entity resources.

    Note: If a resource of type Detail View is selected, the detail view is invoked when the menu is selected.

    If a resource of type entity is selected, the default search view of that entity is invoked.