Defining a product item's sourcing and transportation info

You can configure attributes for the item's sourcing and transportation information that determine how it is monitored and handled during sourcing and transportation.

Some of these attributes can also be specified at the classification level. For more information about viewing inheritable attributes, see Viewing inheritable attributes.

For more information about defining common item attributes, see Defining common item attributes for a classification value.

To set up an item's sourcing and transportation information:

  1. In the Item Details window, choose the Sourcing and Transportation Info tab.
  2. Enter information in the applicable fields. Refer to Table 1 for field value descriptions.
  3. Choose the Save icon.
    Table 1. Sourcing and transportation info (Item details)
    Field Description
    Sourcing Info
    Release an order for this item a total of <number of hours> working hours and <number of days> system days before expected time of shipment Enter the total number of working hours and system days an order for this item should be released before its expected to ship.
    Node needs to be notified at least <number of hours> hours prior to expected time of shipment Enter the minimum number of hours a node needs to be notified before the expected time of shipment.
    Item Shipment Consolidation Window <number of days> Days Enter the number of days an item can be delayed after its availability date in order to consolidate with other items for shipment.
    Don't Perform Inventory Check on Schedule and Release Specify whether inventory checks should be performed during the Schedule and Release process.
    Shipping Allowed Specify whether shipping is allowed. Options are:
    • Y - Yes, shipping is allowed
    • M - Maybe, only if delivery is not possible
    • N - No, shipping is not allowed
    Delivery Allowed Specify whether delivery is allowed. Options are:
    • Y - Yes, delivery is allowed
    • M - Maybe, only if something else is being delivered
    • N - No, delivery is not allowed
    Pickup Allowed Specify whether pickup is allowed.
    Forwarding Allowed Specify whether forwarding is allowed.
    Procurement Allowed Specify whether procurement is allowed.
    Item Substitution on Order Allowed Specify whether substitution for the item is allowed.
    Transportation Info
    Requires Freezer Specify whether the items require freezer storage during transportation.
    Shipping By Air Allowed Specify whether the items can be shipped by air.
    Parcel Shipping Allowed Specify whether parcel shipping is allowed for the transfer of items.