Recording intent to pay later

In-store order invoices allow Sterling Order Management System to provide payment processing functionality for point-of-sale systems.

  • For cash-and-carry transactions where customers order items in a store and then leave the store with the items, immediate settlement occurs on the order line.
  • For transactions where customers order items online or in a store and then pick up the items later at an alternate store, payment processing is postponed until the time the item is picked up.
You can extend point-of-sale applications, such as Sterling Store Engagement, to use the payment processing functionality provided in Sterling Order Management System. To configure Sterling Order Management System for point-of-sale, select the following options in the Sterling Business Center:
  • Pickup lines should postpone payment processing until the time of pickup. If enabled, all order lines with the fulfillment type of pickup have their total counted towards the postponed amount. Thus, the payment processing is postponed until pickup for the "Order Online, Pay In Store" scenario and the "Order In Store, Pay In Alternate Store" scenario. However, cash-and-carry lines are settled immediately.
  • Shipped lines should capture funds immediately. If enabled, funds are collected immediately for orders shipped to home. The settled quantity is set to the ordered quantity less the invoiced quantity for shipped or delivered lines.