Troubleshooting Order Hub customizations

Review this topic to help troubleshoot your Order Hub customizations.

Custom translations or JSON changes not working after deployment but works on local development

If custom translations or JSON changes work correctly, you see extra network requests in the browsers develop console where Order Hub tries to load the JSON files from the custom folder paths.

To resolve this issue if you do not see these requests:

Ensure that you complete Step 8 when you are preparing pages and routes for customizations:

Add the following line to the end of both the environment.ts and files.
environment.customization = true;

Unable to resolve bare specifier

The following error is displayed when trying to access a customized route after deployment, but it works locally:

error : zone.js:202 Uncaught Error: Error: Unable to resolve bare specifier '<route>' from<app name>/ (SystemJS Error#8

To resolve this issue:

Check the import-map.json file and see the paths starts with a forward slash /. Ensure that when the package-customization command is run, you have provided the context root properly starting with forward slash /.

Unsupported node version

The following error is displayed when using an unsupported node version:

Uncaught Error: Module build failed (from ../../node_modules/babel-loader/lib/index.js):
Error: error:0308010C:digital envelope routines::unsupported

To resolve this issue:

Ensure that you are using a Node version that is compatible to Angular 15. For more information, see the Angular page Version compatibility.