Configuring statuses that are considered Fulfilled

The Workspaces and Node pages in Order Hub include various metrics, such as Fill rate or SLA met that depend on whether an order line or a release is considered Fulfilled. By default, Fulfilled includes statuses that are Shipped or higher (status 3700 or higher) or Carried (status 1100.7777).

About this task

Status patterns are a generic way to define which statuses are considered for a specific transaction. For a transaction to be considered Fulfilled, the default status pattern is defined as:
You can override this property to provide a custom status pattern. The following patterns are supported, and you can separate multiple patterns by using a comma.
  • A single status: For example,
    • 1100 indicates that the status must be equal to "1100" or "1100.*".
    • 1100.7777 indicates that the status must equal "1100.7777" exactly.
  • Not a status: For example, !3750 indicates that the status is not 3750 or "3750.*".
  • Starting with: For example, 1100* or 1100.* indicates that the status must start with 1100 or "1100.".
  • Status range: For example,
    • 4500-8200: All statuses that are greater than or equal to 4500 and less than or equal to "8200". Range ends do not support * so it is better to pad the range end to satisfy string comparisons, such as "1100-8200.01".
    • 3700-: All statuses that are greater than or equal to "3700".
    • -9900: All statuses that are less than or equal to "9900".


Update the yfs.sba.statuses.order.fulfilled property to set a custom pattern.

  1. Open <INSTALL_DIR>/runtime/properties/
  2. Set the following yfs property with your custom status pattern.
  3. Build and deploy your changes.