Checking for existing customizations

You can check for existing customizations by viewing which modules have been modified in your tenant. Newer versions of pages or routes are updated by future Order Hub releases only if they do not have customizations applied to them in your tenant.


  1. Log on to Order Hub.
  2. Select your tenant in the banner.
  3. In the Order Hub navigation menu, select Settings > About.
  4. Go to Order hub customization to review the modules that have been customized in your tenant.
  5. Expand each module name to view the pages or routes that have customizations applied to them.
    For example, your tenant might have customizations applied to the buc-app-order module for the create-order and order-search-result pages or routes. If these pages or routes are updated to newer versions by future Order Hub releases, you must revert back to the default pages and then re-apply your changes if you want the new versions to be applied to your tenant.
    Note: The last upload date and time will be displayed next to each module that you apply future customizations to.