Configuring a data source with the web UI framework

To work with a data source, you must first configure it using the Configure Data Sources dialog box.

About this task

The Web UI Framework does not use XML binding. The Configure Data Sources dialog box works with only JSON data sources.


  1. Make sure the Data tab is showing, and not the Palette or Files tab.
  2. Click the button that is just to the right of the dropdown arrow.

    The Configure Data Sources dialog box appears.

  3. Configure the following items:
    • Type of data source (input or output)
    • Data source

      The data source directory is the directory containing JSON data source files, which can be provided to application developers. With the Web UI Framework, a tool is provided for generating JSON data sources from XAPI XML and XSD definitions.

    • Path to data source directory
    • Namespace, elements, and attributes
  4. Click the Finish button.

    The data source is configured. This initializes the bindingData property of the widget that is using the data source. You can also specify binding by creating or editing this property in the Properties view.