Exception alert templates

Exception alert templates enable you to supply additional text to alerts raised. This enables you to make error message more descriptive and easy to understand. They also provide a means of supplying a hyperlink to the resolution screens from the Alert console.

For example, for any alert created for an order, shipment, or load document type, a hyperlink is created and displays in the "Created For" column on the Alert List screens. In the Exception Alert Template you can customize this hyperlink or create any other hyperlinks. The input data to the alert node is merged with the template you specify and then posted as the description of the alert raised.

Events that publish data in data buffer format use an ECT template, which are text files that contain tags. These tags are replaced by actual data at run time. All tags use the |#YFS_tagname| syntax.

For example, use the tag |#YFS_OrderNo| to have the actual order number appear in its place (if OrderNo is published as a part of the data buffer). Any of the data elements published in the data buffer can be used in the template.

For the exception console, there are two templates. One template is used for determining the DETAIL_DESCRIPTION field of the YFS_INBOX table. The other template is used for determining the LIST_DESCRIPTION field of the YFS_INBOX table. The templates are merged with the data published (by an event) and the resulting string is populated to the corresponding field.