Create custom exception alert templates

You can create custom exception alert templates to suit your needs.

About this task

To create and use a custom exception template:


  1. Copy the <runtime_sandbox>/repository/xapi/template/merged/exception_console/example_exception_console.xsl template file.
  2. Modify the file as needed, rename it, and save it within the <runtime_sandbox>/extensions/global/template/xsl/CUSTOM-TEMPLATE-XSL directory. You can save it to another directory, but using the standard directory structure supplied by the application helps ensure consistency.
  3. From the Service Builder, configure an Alert node to use your custom exception console template. In the XSL Template field, specify template/xsl/CUSTOM-TEMPLATE-XSL.
    Note: Using the <runtime_sandbox>/repository/xapi/template/merged/exception_console/file_name.ect file with Actions to accomplish the same purpose has been deprecated in Release 5.0. Use the Alert node and an XSL file instead.