Setting inner panels as read-only

Sterling Order Management System enables you to mark inner panels as read-only. This ensures that a specified user group cannot modify or update any of the data visible to them. When an inner panel is marked as read-only, all the controls and its values in the page are visible but are disabled.

About this task

There are two ways to make an inner panel read-only:

  • Set the read-only attribute for the resource in the RESOURCE_PERMISSION.xml file.

    If the inner panel needs to be marked as read-only for an user, update the RESOURCE_PERMISSION_CONSOLE.xml file in the factory setup with the READ-ONLY attribute.

    The following example shows the RESOURCE-PERMISSION.xml file with changes:

       <ResourcePermission ActivateFlag="Y" Createprogid="SYSTEM" 
    Createuserid="SYSTEM" Modifyprogid="SYSTEM" Modifyuserid="SYSTEM" 
    ResourceKey="YEMS012" ResourcePermissionKey="SYS_YEMS012" 
    UsergroupKey="SYSTEM" READ-ONLY-FLAG="True"/> 

    In this example, the database table YFS-RESOURCE-PERMISSION will be updated for the user SYSTEM and resource YEMS012.

  • Use the Applications Manager to apply security permissions and mark an inner panel as read-only.
    1. Log in to the Applications Manager. Select Applications > Application Platform > Security > Groups.
    2. Select a Group or create new Group. Click Permission next to the application you want to manage.

      All of the entities for the application open in tree form. You can double click an entity to see its views and inner panels.

    3. Right-click the selected inner panel to set or unset the inner panel as read-only.