Delivery service & scheduling add-on

Sterling Delivery and Service Scheduling allows you to do appointment scheduling, monitoring, reporting, capacity management, cross-partner coordination, appointment management, and to provide available-to-promise dates. With the Sterling Delivery and Service Scheduling you can also maintain a consolidated view of all of your service specialists.

Increase the value of each order by adding additional services to items being sold. IBM® Sterling Delivery and Service Scheduling gives you the tools to maintain a wide network of service specialists across various locations and provides a centralized, consolidated view of their calendars and schedules. These service specialists can be internal employees, external resources, or a combination of both depending on the geography. The availability of these resources can be viewed and scheduled when entering an order for physical goods or as a separate order transaction. These services can be activities performed on a product before the product is delivered to the customer, or a provided service that is performed at the customer site. Activities can be performed at all types of facilities including manufacturing facilities and flow-through or distribution centers.