Overriding functional properties with developer toolkit-specific values

You can add the developer toolkit-specific IBM® Sterling Order Management Systemproperties in the om-functional.properties file rather than add them in the customer_overrides.properties file. If you add the properties in the om-functional.properties file, the properties are not exported along with your customization package. However, the om-functional.properties file is not a replacement for the customer_overrides.properties file.

A default om-functional.properties.sample file is shipped for you to configure the developer toolkit-specific properties in the om-functional.properties file.


Create a copy of the om-functional.properties.sample file and name it as om-functional.properties.

For example, the value for the functional yfs property, abcd needs to be pqr for cloud environments. You must set yfs.abcd=pqr in the custom_overrides.properties file.

But, because of the nature of the functional property, for the developer toolkit, the value must be xyz. So, you can additionally set yfs.abcd=xyz in the om_functional.properties file.

This configuration ensures that the xyz value is used for the developer toolkit even when pqr is exported as part of the customization package.

You must review any property that is added in the om_functional.properties file because the same property might be present in the customer_overrides.properties file. The value that is set in the om_functional.properties is used for testing in the developer toolkit whereas the value that is set in the customer_overrides.properties is not tested in the developer toolkit, even though it gets exported to cloud environments.