Seller entitlement rules

Seller entitlement rules specify the categories that can be assigned to organizations under seller entitlements.

Categories from the master catalog can be specified under seller entitlement rules. A seller entitlement contains one or more seller entitlement rules that collectively define the list of categories for the entitlement. To define a rule, start with no categories and then add seller entitlement rules to include categories; or start with all categories and add seller entitlement rules to exclude categories.

Seller entitlement rule precedence

The Sterling Order Management System executes seller entitlement rules in a specified order, with the last rule taking precedence over the first rule. For example, you may define a seller entitlement called Computers by starting with no categories in your catalog and then adding a rule that includes the Computers category. If you add another rule that excludes the Laptop category, all desktop computers, except for laptops, are selected for the Computers entitlement.