Extensibility workbench tools of the web UI framework

The Extensibility Workbench has many tools for a web UI framework. You can find a repository of those tools and their uses here.

The following table shows the tools to use for the different tasks that you can perform using the Extensibility Workbench:

If you want to... Use this tool...
Add widgets to a screen. Palette & Files view (Palette tab)
Create input and output data sources for mashup layer files. Palette & Files view (Data tab)
Access the local file system. Palette & Files view (Files tab)

View a directory-type listing of all the widgets on the screen.

The view populates after you specify an extension file and select or add an item.

Outline View (Components tab)
Re-arrange UI components in a directory-type listing. Outline View (Components tab)

Show overlays applicable for the screen.

This shows all of the changes made with the workbench. It helps you view changes and (if necessary) remove them.

The Click to View Overlays button displays overlays.

Outline View (Overlays tab)
Collapse the Outline view to show just the top screen item (screen). Collapse Outline View

Collapse Outline View

Expand the Outline view to show all of the screen items. Expand Outline View

Expand Outline View

View a list of the properties of the screen and any widget that is selected. Properties view
Add a property to a widget. Properties view (Add tab)

Set the data binding of a widget.

Add the bindingData property and then extend the AbstractBindingMgr class. The implementation needs to be provided for the methods of the class as mentioned in the documentation for each method. For more information, refer to the JavaScript documentation for sc.plat.AbstractBindingMgr.

Properties view (Add tab)
Show the name of the screen that is being modified. Screen Details view
Save an updated screen. Screen Details view (Save button)
Activate changes to the properties of a widget. Screen Details view (Refresh instances button)
Access bundle files for localization. Screen Details view (Localize button)

Start or stop extensibility.

Alternately, you can change screens by selecting the appropriate menu option.

Start or Stop Extensibility

Start or Stop Extensibility

Display all views. Display All Views

Display All Views

Minimize all views. Minimize All Views

Minimize All Views

Link to the Designer Workbench. Design new screens link