Importing and exporting queries

You can import queries from a text file and also export queries from the tool to a text file.


To import or export queries by using the tool, complete the following steps:

  1. Start the DB Query Client by using the following URL:
  2. Enter the User ID and Password. The user authentication is valid until the current session expires or until the current session is closed. If the current browser session expires, you can enter your login credentials and run queries on the same page.
  3. You can either import or export your queries as follows:
    • To import your queries from a file into the tool, click Choose File and select the file. After the query is imported, click Run query to run the query.
      • You can import queries only from text files.
      • If you have multiple queries in the file that you want to import, only the last query in the list is run. To prevent errors, comment out the remaining queries by prefixing them with --.
    • To export a query from the tool, click Export query to export the current query to a downloadable .txt file.