Extending DB Sequence

You cannot modify any application-provided database sequence but you can modify any application-provided tables. You can also create a table and modify it in multiple iterations. However, you can create only a database sequence, but cannot modify the sequence.

If you need a change in the sequence that you created, discard the sequence and create a new one. If you choose to create a new one, then you must also change your code to use the new sequence name.

Unlike database tables, you cannot manage or own a custom database sequence. After a sequence is created, you cannot ALTER or DROP the custom sequence by using extensibility. The sequences should be defined such that they do not require modifications. You must test the custom sequences functionality in dev toolkit environment and then create in cloud environments. There is no overhead for the unused sequences and dropping that sequence is not necessary.
Note: Any requests for attribute modification in ALTER sequence other than Cachesize is not accepted by database administrator and is performed after the mandatory internal reviews and approvals.

When you work with database sequence, avoid the use of direct SQLs to get the sequence number. Instead, call the com.yantra.shared.ycp.YFSContext.getNextDBSeqNo(<sequence name>) method to get the next database sequence.