About chart dashlets

Charts are a quick and easy way of presenting the summarized information. The Web UI Framework provides FusionCharts as an all purpose charting library. Chart dashlets can be used for presenting the summarized data (usually a list) to the user.

The purpose of a Chart dashlet is to provide a way to create a dashlet quickly from a given set of configuration options. Given the appropriate input, a Chart dashlet can be used to plot line charts, bar charts, and pie charts. This list is not inclusive and more types of charts can be created based on the input data source and configuration options.

The following input is required to create and render chart dashlet:

Input Data Source
Input data source is used to provide data to chart. Input data source must be a mashup XML.
Chart Configuration
The chart configuration is used to render the chart from the input data source. It contains attributes for extracting the relevant data from the input data source and plots it on the chart. Different types of charts will have different configuration options. Since Chart dashlets are based on fusion charts, the chart configuration options are mostly Fusion chart configuration options.