Add a dashlet to home page dashboard

You can add a dashlet to the Dashboard panel. For example, if you want the My Change Requests dashlet to be displayed in the Dashboard panel, you can configure the dashboard accordingly.

About this task

To add a dashlet:


  1. Log in to Sterling Business Center as an Item Administrator.
  2. The application home page is displayed. In the Dashboard panel, click the Customize hyperlink.
  3. In the Dashlets panel, select the entity pertaining to the dashlet by selecting the corresponding check box.
  4. The dashlets that are available for the selected entity are displayed. Select the dashlet you want to add by clicking the corresponding Add <dashlet> button.


    • You can add multiple dashlets at one time.
    • After you click the Add icon, the changes are saved automatically.
  5. Click Show Dashboard. The Dashboard displays the dashlet that you added.