Wizards of the web UI framework

Wizards guide users through the steps of a task in a specific sequence. Wizards are required for complex or infrequently performed tasks where the user is unfamiliar with the steps involved.

You must use an XML file to create the flow definition of your wizard. You cannot use widgets on the Palette tab of the Designer Workbench to create wizards. Also, you cannot use the Extensibility Designer to customize wizards. After you create a flow definition, you must register it.

Once a wizard is created, all client/server communication must be Ajax-based.

The wizard flow definition includes the following items:
  • Page

    The visible part of the wizard. Each page must have a unique ID within the wizard.

  • Rule
    Determines the flow of the wizard. A rule can lead to:
    • The next page in the wizard flow.
    • Another rule.
  • Transition

    A connector which connects the wizard flow together. A transition can happen from page-to-page, page-to-rule, rule-to-page, or rule-to-rule.

  • Flow controller
    The flow controller drives the wizard flow, and does the following:
    • Determines the next wizard entity that is shown or evaluated, based on the current activity entity.
    • Provides basic navigation capabilities like showNextPage and showPreviousPage.
    • Tracks data to be remembered in a session when a page transition occurs.

    Any wizard controller has to extend ISCUIWizardFlowController. The default wizard controller class is com.sterlingcommerce.ui.web.platform.wizard.SCUIDefaultWizardController.

    The wizard flow controller utility class orchestrates the flow based on the definition. You can plug in your own flow controller or use the default flow controller.

  • Breadcrumbs

    Multiple pages can be grouped into the same category, which allows for the logical grouping of pages and the reduction of steps shown in the breadcrumb.

    You can add your own breadcrumbs to the application using utilities provided on the front end. The sc.plat.ui.Wizard class contains all the utilities.