Defining notification periods

You can configure specific days and times that a node will receive notification of orders for shipping, and within each notification period, set up different levels of service.

The Current Notification Period window enables you to specify:

  • Advance notification time - the number of hours a node requires for notification prior to expected time of shipment.
  • Maximum working hours and system days - the number of working hours and system days required by the ship node between releasing an order and expected time of shipment. This parameter takes the ship node's calendar - such as holidays and nonworking days- into account.
  • Notification schedule - the times and days of the week that a ship node will accept notifications.

You can create a variety of notification schedules based on calendar timeframes. The resulting Notification Schedule List shows all the schedules, which you can modify and delete.

Notification date is calculated as Expected shipment date - Maximum working hours (including the shipping node's calendar) - Advanced notification days. An order release is created on the notification date that is communicated to the shipping node.