Special services

Special services refer to any additional service provided for a regular item or bundle item included in an order. For example, gift wrapping a product item.

Multiple special services can be added for an order line. However, the same special service cannot be added multiple times for an order line. Custom attributes can also be defined for a special service. For example, for special service print, color and size can be defined as custom attributes. The quantity of special service cannot be specified explicitly. This is calculated based on the association with the product item.

By default, the special service capacity in ship date calculation is considered from inventory availability date while ignoring the node available hours. To consider the node working hours, set the ENABLE_SPL_SERVICE_NODE_WORK_HOURS rule to Y. When this rule is set to Y, product line ship date is derived by using Special Service Resource pool calendar and Node Shipping Calendar's working hours.

Note: Special services can be associated only with items that have ItemGroupCode as SS.