Defining a new document type

You may need to create a new document type if the rules pertaining to a key action, such as inventory updates, are affected. In this case, you can save an existing document type as a new custom document type.

The new document type retains all of the process types associated with the document type you saved from. Database tables at both the document type level and the process type level are also copied to the new document type.

The following document type attributes are copied to the new document type:

  • Document parameters
  • Document templates
  • Charge categories
  • Charge names
  • Common codes
  • Order line types
  • Purge criteria
  • Business rules
  • Receiving dispositions

The following process type level attributes are copied to the new document type:

  • Process type rules
  • Date types
  • Process task types
  • Statuses
  • Status inventory types
  • Modification types
  • Modification rules
  • Transactions
  • Transaction pickup statuses
  • Transaction drop statuses
  • Events