Viewing all entities affected by a condition

You can view all of the events, pipelines, and status rules that are affected by a particular condition. This is useful when you need to modify a condition so that you can see what is impacted by your modification.

About this task

To view the entities affected by a condition:


  1. Open the Applications Manager and select the application that you want.
  2. In the Process Modeling window, select the Order, Load, or General tab to view the corresponding process modeling tree for that base document type.
  3. In the Process Types swimlane, right-click on the applicable process type and choose Model Process. The Repository Details window and work area display for the corresponding process type.
  4. Choose the Conditions Tab.
  5. Expand the Conditions branch.
  6. Expand the applicable condition group branch.
  7. Select the applicable condition and choose the Details icon. The Condition Details window displays in the work area.
  8. Choose the Zoom In icon. The Entities Affected by this Condition pop-up window displays. The Pipeline Entities tab provides a list of pipelines affected by the condition, Enterprises affected by determination rules containing the condition, and pipelines affected by monitoring rules containing the condition. The Others tab details all of the events, statuses, and services affected by the condition.