Validating an advanced XML condition

After creating an advanced XML condition, you must validate its syntax and structure. For example, if an advanced XML condition is of decision table type, it must contain only one IF construct and no ELSE constructs. Therefore, you must validate an advanced XML condition before loading it into the database.

About this task

To validate an advanced XML condition:


  1. Expand the Java™ project that you created.
  2. In the Project Explorer hierarchy, select the *.greex file. Right-click and select Open With > Greex Model Editor from the pop-up menu.
  3. Expand the Greex rule that appears in the Greex editor panel. Click on a node from the tree.
    All child leaves of the node are listed. The Document Root element contains the Greex Rule root element.
  4. Select the Greex Rule root element and right-click. Select Validate Greex Rule from the pop-up menu.
    If the Greex rule that you created uses correct syntax and structure, the message "Greex rule validation succeeded" displays. Otherwise, the system displays an appropriate error message.