About advanced XML conditions

An advanced XML condition provides for a declarative mechanism to operate on an input XML document and evaluate conditions using the XPath expressions. These advanced XML conditions are also referred to as Greex Rules. The syntax of the advanced XML condition is XML based.

An advanced XML condition helps you to define XML based conditions or rules based on Greex syntax. Some of the most significant features of advanced XML conditions are:

  • XML awareness
  • Support for namespaces
  • Support for decision tables
  • A set of built-in libraries.
  • Ability to return an XML element, a String, or Boolean.

The advanced XML condition constructs are capable of being either nested by using multiple IF and ELSE blocks or grouped by using either an AND or an OR operator. Each expression comprises one or more function calls. These functions can be nested, meaning parameters to functions can be other function calls.

An advanced XML condition or Greex rule can only be created through the IDE tool called the Sterling Greex Editor. An advanced XML condition is defined in the advanced XML file also known as Greex file.