Setting up the customization environment

The Sterling Order Management System application can be customized based on the business requirements of users. This topic provides information about setting up the customization environment.

About this task

The Sterling Order Management System must be customized using the sbcdev.war file, and not the sbc.war file. The sbcdev.war file contains additional folders and web.xml entries that are required for customization. You must deploy the sbc.war file in the production server with the required extensions that are created using the sbcdev.war file.

To set up the customization environment:


  1. Run the following command to create the sbcdev.war file:
    • For Linux/UNIX:
      .\ -Dappserver=<application server> -Dwarfiles=sbcdev
    • For Windows:
      .\buildwar.cmd -Dappserver=<application server> -Dwarfiles=sbcdev
  2. Deploy the sbcdev.war file.
  3. Start the application server by passing the following argument:
    Note: If you want to use the Extensibility Workbench on Microsoft Internet Explorer, you must add the application development URL to the list of trusted websites, and set the security level for this zone to low.