Capacity reservations

Capacity reservations allow capacity to be blocked before a sales order is created.

During order creation, a Capacity Reservation ID can be passed and capacity blocked is consumed by the created order. Sterling Order Management System can use a capacity check to ensure that the reservation is being made against capacity that is available.

Capacity reservations are created only if capacity is completely available for the specified slot. For example, if a resource pool defines two slots, 9-12 and 1-5, and the available capacity is four hours in each slot:

Reservation ID Slot Quantity Result
Res1 9-12 3 Reservation is created.
Res2 1-4 1 Reservation is not created, since there is no slot defined.
Res3 12-6 1 Reservation is not created, since there is no slot defined.
Res4 1-5 7 Reservation is not created, since there is not enough capacity available.

Capacity reservations are supported for both resource pools and resources. For resources, if capacity is blocked against a resource, the actual capacity blocked is based on the calendar of the resource.

Slot based and non-slot based reservations can be created. When a slot based reservation is made against a resource pool that does not maintain capacity at the resource level, a capacity check can be performed to check for available capacity.

When creating a capacity reservation, an expiration date can be passed, such that when the reservation expires it is available for purging. This releases reserved capacity to be allocated or reserved for new orders. Reservation capacity and expiration date can be modified (assuming capacity is available). Reservations can also be deleted manually