Setting up an organization's calendar

You can set up an organization's calendar.

About this task

To set up an organization's calendar:


  1. Open the Applications Manager and select the application that you want.
  2. In the Organization Details window, choose the Calendars tab. The Calendar list displays.
  3. From the Business Calendar list, select a calendar that you want to use as the business calendar for the organization or node.
    However, if there are no existing calendars, create calendars as required by following steps 3 and 4.
  4. Select the Create New icon. The Create Calendar pop-up window displays.
    Table 1. Create calendar pop-up window
    Field Description
    Inherit Definition from Calendar From the drop-down list, select the parent calendar from which you wish to inherit the calendar definition.
    Note: This list does not contain calendars that are inherited.
    Note: Once a calendar is selected from this list, the Default Effective From, Default Effective To, and Shifts for Effective Periods are disabled.
    Calender ID Enter the identification for the calendar.
    Description Enter the description for the calendar.
    Default Effective From Enter the beginning date (according to the date format defined in the organization's locale) of the timeframe from which the calendar is effective.
    Default Effective To Enter the ending date (according to the date format defined in the organization's locale) of the timeframe to which the calendar is effective. However, because the ending date is perceived by the system as having the time 00:00:00, the ending date is not included in the date range.
    Shift Name Enter the name of the shift.
    Start Time Enter the start time of the shift.
    End Time Enter the end time of the shift.

    Select the days on which the shift is worked. Continue adding shifts as needed.

    Note: A single calendar can have multiple effective periods.
  5. Choose the Save icon. The Calendar Details pop-up window displays.