Order modification

There are some modifications that affect the parent if it is performed at the component level and there are some modifications that affect the child if it is performed at the component level.

All modifications that affect both the parent line and the child lines are explained below.

Adding quantity

When quantity is added to a bundle parent, all components in the bundle that have kit quantity specified, have quantity added to them. The formula used for this is the change in the quantity of the parent multiplied by the kit quantity of the component. Using Table 1 as an example, a customer has ordered one bedroom package and now wishes to purchase a second bedroom package. Changing the quantity for the bedroom package at the order line increases the quantity for all the components, assuming that the components are in ratio.

If the quantity is added at the component level, the quantity of the bundle parent is changed. The quantity of the parent line is the maximum of all the components. If this results in an increase in the quantity of the parent line then this modification is not allowed. The quantity modification at the component level cannot increase the quantity of the parent. Increasing the quantity for a component is allowed only if it was canceled earlier and the customer wishes to increase it again.

Splitting a line

When splitting the quantity of a component, the kit quantity is propagated to the new line based upon a template. If the new line is a fixed quantity line, then it is not affected by modifications done to the parent line. The splitting of the entire bundle is not supported. If a ratio is maintained, the split line and the original line are considered one line for quantity modification purposes when the kit quantity is the same for both lines.

Adding a line

A component can be added to an existing bundle parent line. The component can be a product, a service, or another bundle line.

Deleting a line

A component line can be removed from a bundle. If a component is removed, the quantity of the parent bundle changes. When a bundle parent is removed all child lines are also removed.

Cancelling a bundle

For any component with a set kit quantity is set, if the quantity is reduced at the parent line, the components are also reduced by an amount equal to the change in the quantity of the parent line multiplied by the kit ratio for the component. Cancelling the parent completely also cancels fixed quantity components.

If ‘Kit Quantity’ is not set for a component of the bundle, the quantity is not reduced from the component if the reduction occurs at the parent line.

The component quantity can be reduced independently, too. Cancelling a component causes the quantity of the parent line to be adjusted.