Providing condition properties in dynamic conditions

The condition definition enables you to create static, dynamic, or advanced XML conditions.

When creating dynamic conditions, in the Condition Detail: Is Bundle Parent (Order Fulfillment) window, you must check Dynamic field and include the class name to be invoked to evaluate the condition. The dynamic condition is extended to include configuration of custom name, value properties. These properties are set into the Java™ class before evaluating the condition.

To enable these extended attributes, the dynamic condition class should implement a YCPDynamicConditionEx interface. The definition of this interface is as follows:

public interface YCPDynamicConditionEx 
  boolean evaluateCondition(YFSEnvironment env, String name, Map mapData, 
    Document doc); 
  void setProperties(Map map); 

The parameter name passed to the interface refers to the Condition Name configured during definition.

For more information about the interface and parameters, see the Javadoc.