Enabling a child screen to access a parent screen with the web UI framework

A screen can contain another screen within it. If the child screen requires access to the parent screen, you can use a property in the child screen to access any component or property in the parent screen.

About this task

To enable a child screen to access a parent screen, use the following the procedure:


  1. Click on the Palette tab in the Designer Workbench.
  2. Right-click on the Custom Components option in the Others category.
  3. Check the box by Parent Handle, which is an out-of-the-box preset provided with the Designer Workbench.
  4. Move your cursor over the canvas until you see the tool tip Click to add customct in screen.
  5. Right-click or left-click where you want to add this access handle.
  6. Make any property adjustments to the handle. You cannot change the default property values of either scOwnerScr (this) or xtype (panel) in the Configure Presets View. These default properties indicate a handle from a child screen to a parent screen.

    You can create other presets for this control.

    Once you select this preset for a Custom Component and add the widget to the screen, you can view these two properties in the Properties View below the Tree View. You can modify the property values or add new properties, since you are now working on an instance of a Custom Component that was added to the screen (and not on the preset) and that was initialized with your values.